Adding a new addition to your family is often a challenge when deciding on the breed, size, and everything in between. However, mass breeding facilities are run solely to earn money rather than the welfare of the pup. Instead of supporting the puppy mill, why not adopt a shelter dog who is in need of a home. In this article, we will discuss why you should and the benefits of adoption.

Here are 4 reasons why everyone should adopt a shelter dog.

You Will Save A Pup’s Life

Animals that are placed in shelters each other are there because there are just not enough homes to take care of them. When you adopt a pet from the shelter, you will save them from being euthanized. With over 10 million animals standard and looking for homes each year, the rise of euthanasia increases each year.

Break Overpopulation

With thousands of animals roaming the streets, there are just not enough homes for them. When you adopt a shelter dog, you will reduce the cycle of homeless dogs and euthanasia. Adopting a dog from the shelter will allow you to support finding them a home rather than buying from a breeding mill. What’s great is that you will also get all the information and resources on how you can care for your pet’s health and welfare through training experts.

Help Stop Animal Cruelty in Breeding Facilities

Factory-style breeding provides little care for the animals they are selling as they focus more on making a profit. Any business that is not looking for homes for shelter dog is supporting the puppy mill.

Cost Efficient

When you adopt a new pet member, you will have to pay for neutering, vaccinations, and more. When it comes to adopting a shelter dog, these costs will usually be included in the price.  Adopting a shelter cost will cost less than purchasing from the breeder and extra vaccinations to follow.

What are your thoughts on adopting a dog from the shelter? Have you adopted a sheltered dog in the past? Comment below and tell us your story!

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