When a new president takes office in the White House, many citizens often look forward to hearing about the new family’s pet dog, their breed and where they came from. While these canines will never understand the blessings they have found themselves in, we can definitely agree on which pups were the most popular.

Check out these 5 famous Presidential dogs of the White House.

President Roosevelt – Skip

President Theodore Roosevelt was known for his strong connection to animals as he was famous for his animal kingdom. He cared for a large variety of pets that includes Skip, a Rat Terrier mix. His beautiful adoption story was about how he found the dog alone during a bear hunt and they became instant friends.

President Kennedy – White Tips, Butterfly, Streaker, and Blackie

The Kennedy family was famously known for their kind hearts and love for animals. This was easily shown by the countless pets they kept during their stay at the White House. From ponies to rabbits, their four dogs were their beloved pets.

President Clinton – Buddy

Buddy was a beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever who was always by Bill Clinton’s side. He was adopted at three months old from a country shelter. However, the dog lived a short life after passing away at the age of 5.

President Bush – Miss Beazley

Given as a gift to his wife, Miss Beazley made the White House her home along with newfound friends. Miss Beazley was a Scottish terrier as was seen featured in the Christmas video with the family for her first Christmas.

President Obama – Bo and Sunny

As the first of the breed to enter the White House, Bo and Sunny are two Portuguese Water dogs were the first to join the Obama family. The two pups were taken into careful consideration as the family wanted to learn all about the breed before claiming ownership. While Bo originally belonging to another family that is unknown, Bo is shown to be a happy first pup with his friend Sunny.

Which of these famous pups caught your interest and attention? Do you have the same breed? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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