This age-old tradition would be a small action that will make a huge impact on how we view the problem of puppy mills and breeding. A dog is absolutely able to be rehabilitated after being raised in an abused or neglectful home. It takes the stable environment and loves to treat a dog and earn their loyalty.

According to the ASPCA, over 75 million canines and 85 million cats are owned in the entire United States. While most presidents have chosen purebred pups in the White House, adopting a shelter dog goes beyond the signs of power and greed. Giving a shelter dog a warm home will result in the rise of shelter adoptions and promote special care.

That is why we’re here to promote the action of adoption. Whether you are in the position to adopt or not, you can still make a difference in their lives by encouraging elected officials to support the animal shelters and use their network to spread awareness of pet adoption.

With the actions of former-President Obama, we were disappointed with their choice of not adopting a dog from the shelter or rescue organization.

As a Nation, Together We Can Ask President Trump to Pardon a Shelter Pooch!!